#46: Taurus Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Mindful Reiki Energy Healing Meditation


#46 | November 18, 2021 Taurus Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Mindful Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

The November Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is happening in the early morning hours of November 19, 2021.

Lunar Eclipses are known to bring somewhat challenging and unstable energy that has a way of revealing old patterns while bringing blockages to the surface to be released, for highest good.

So, what have you been carrying with you energetically that is no longer serving?

It’s time to drop your baggage and start traveling lighter!

Happy Eclipse Season!

This one is best done between November 18 – November 24, 2021.


#45 | Basic Mindfulness Practice: Breath and Body

Finding a sitting position that allows you to be alert—spine erect but not stiff—and also relaxed. Closing your eyes and establishing a simple sense of presence. Then, allowing your awareness to scan through your body and, wherever possible, softening and releasing obvious areas of physical tension. You might take a few very full breaths, and then allow your breath to be natural. Bringing your attention to where you most easily detect the breath, or perhaps where it’s most pleasurable … letting this place of experiencing the breath be your home base, an anchor to the present moment.

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Ep 44: Mindfulness Meditation to support releasing Pain and Discomfort


#44 | November 16, 2021 Mindfulness Meditation to support releasing Pain and Discomfort

Sitting in a way that’s comfortable for you, closing your eyes, and collecting your attention with a few nice, full breaths. Taking some moments to let the attention scan the body. And just noticing if there’s any areas of particular discomfort. If there is an area where there’s unpleasant sensations calling your attention, just to bring a receptivity there. Noticing what happens as you begin to be present with those sensations.

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Ep 43: Scorpio New Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation


#43 | October 04, 2021 Scorpio New Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditatio

This one is best done between October 26-November 12, 2021.

Ah yes, once again we are in the energy of the “New Moon”. This energy begins 3 days before the actual event, the 4th day ~ being its most potent energetic moment and then the 3 days afterwards, as the moon moves away from this phase.

Each month the lunar cycles of both the full moon and the new moon give us the opportunity to manifest what we want in life or to release those things that do not serve us and process them out.

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question.

The new moon is the birthing cycle of the moon’s various phases. We want to use the energy of the New Moon to support us.

The New Moon Reiki Meditation is a time to plant seeds in your life to create your own garden. This means to plant new seeds e.g. dreams, goals, ideas, inspiration, affirmation, incantations, mission, vision. These seeds will grow and flower into your garden of dreams, goals, ideas, inspiration, affirmation, incantations, mission and/or vision. This meditation is for you, for ‘spiritual’ planting, for bringing in the new and creating freshness in your life. You begin to create for yourself a ‘new’ beginning, purpose, intention and direction. You look at new ways of thinking, being and acting to move you out of a ‘rut’. You take action as you plant positive ideas in your subconscious mind. You are able to begin new projects. You are able to pray for new beginnings, hope and a youthful outlook. You transform doubt, worry and anxiety into hope, strength, courage and peace.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 4-5th, 2021 is the last New Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

It carries transformative energy, helping us to make progress in any areas in our lives where we feel stuck, uncertain, or in an “in-between” phase. How can we sit with all that is uncomfortable and love ourselves through what we feel?

Scorpio New Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation you will need:

·  Paper and Pen

·  Small rubber band/piece of string

·  Your favorite crystal

Press play to tune in! Let me know if you decide to do this! I would love to hear from you!


Ep 42: Bite size chat on consciousness, energy and light!


#42 | October 02, 2021 Bite size chat on consciousness, energy and light! 

So consciousness and energy are different. Energy and light, feel to you possibly like the same thing – usually people will say, “I felt it”. And so essentially when you use the word “energy”, you are talking about the source energy, that creates worlds that is always available to you. And oftentimes when you talk about the light, it’s more about your light or the expression of energy that you are in the world.

Consciousness is what moves energy into form. Your focused attention. You holding holographic images in your force field of consciousness is what allows the particles of infinite creation, energy to move into form, you are creator within your own creation. what is meant by consciousness moves energy into form.

You are also created within your own creation, which is why consciousness moves light into life. The light that you are – so that you can fully experience – your power to create your life, your world, your reality, while the power that creates worlds is available to you. It is the power to create your world – that is most meaningful to you.

As you hold the highest levels of consciousness and you fully allow all the energy that is yours to flow through you. There is not a finite amount of energy for each being. Everyone has access to everything… and you’ll know this. When you come into the full awareness of the God/Divine consciousness that you are.

That energy is always changing form, but it is always available to all of you and all of its fullness. Always. The light would probably be best described as your soul, your higher self, your God/Divine self. As you allow the energy that is your God/Divine self to be fully present, your consciousness and your awareness moves that light into life.

You begin to experience the grander part of you and your life and your creations are in alignment to that grander part of you, which make them so rich and deep and meaningful and abundant, extraordinary, and joyful and loving and peaceful and harmonious and magical and magnificent, for your highest good!

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Ep 41: November Energy Update


Ep 41: November Energy Update


Ep 40: October Energy Update


Ep 40: October Energy Update


Ep 39: Happy Equinox & Mindful Reiki Meditation


Ep 39: Happy Equinox & Mindful Reiki Meditation


Ep 38: Pisces Full Moon Mindful Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

#38 | September 20, 2021 Pisces Full Moon Mindful Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

The Full Moon happens September 20th then days later the Equinox occurs on September 22, 2021.

Well within the orb of influence of this Full Moon… 

The energy of both of these events is already “in the air” and is exceptionally strong right now!

The doors are open for you now to anchor incredible light and blessings into your personal life experience.

Just remember, that while the energy is so supportive…

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s comfortable.

In fact…
This Full Moon can bring a potent energy for release, for highest good! Pay attention to what is arising within you!

Where are you triggered? Whatever comes up now does so for clearing, transmutation or healing.

The deep release you can possibly experience in today’s session will empower you to release and rise from past painful patterns and lessons so you can open heartedly claim the bountiful blessings this upcoming Equinox Gateway will bring.

This is a session you can repeat time and time again to transmute the old and call forth more and more clarity, brilliance, and light within your subtle energy bodies to continue to progress on the path of increasing your radiance and embodying your highest truth and light.

Press play to for this Pisces Full Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation!

Ep 37: How does it all mindfully work:Human/Soul/Consciousness

#37 | September 20, 2021 How does it all mindfully work: Human/Soul/Consciousness

More and more people seem to be talking about uplevelling, expanding, elevating and allowing more consciousness yet how does it work in the human? 

More and more people seem to be talking about uplevelling, expanding, elevating and allowing more consciousness yet how does it work in the human? 

To find roots deep into the core physical reality, not the reality one was conditioned to believe as all there is, but reality as an unknown potential.

Conceptually one can agree that to feel to heal…yet sometimes it is more complicated than it seems for the human. 

Recently, many of my clients have been asking for me to do talks about “how does it all work?” Often in private sessions, information comes through that can bring clarity and insight into the greater understanding of the beingness of the human as well as how the Soul, Higher Self and the Team of Light, all work together in highest good.  This at times, can bring in a greater shifts of consciousness. 

Clearing dense energies in the human can be profound and transformational yet remember we are here to live in the unfolding of life. Since, I was in my 20’s I have been doing my own personal energy clearing in this lifetime with other practitioners to learn the techniques and tools, to allow my Soul to be fully embodied into the human.

Yet, it can be a process so be patient and kind to the human as you move through your own experience. I share this with all of you – because I am still evolving myself as well – I am on this human ride as well. From the learned wisdom of doing this, I understand at a profound level why energy healing can be so transformational for the human experience.

It may seem odd to hear this yet most of us are walking around not fully in the body.

There can be a lot of experiences that the soul can be influenced by that causes it to fragment outside of the body.

The multi-dimensional Soul came here to experience Light in physical form. AKA the Human. There is also an earth Soul or Spirit of the Human. They work in tandem together, along with the energy of the heart. So, don’t disregard the human – they are a team for wholeness of Light in form.

The challenge is – this 3D world that is now ascending – yet there are lower frequency energies like fear, anxiety, trauma, limited beliefs — all that if not cleared from the human, keeps the soul out.

There are many techniques to call back your Soul pieces, some can be easily done daily on your own, some are better guided by a practitioner. My preferred way is Dowsing Energy Healing. I find it the most efficient way. I usually feel the shift almost immediately.

I share this with all of you to encourage you to look at any past events to see if maybe there are unresolved trauma, dense energies – or soul/heart/human pieces ready to returned, healed, transmuted, transformed and ready to integrate for wholeness, for highest good? Be curious to dive beyond the surface of what you think is happening and be open to the possibility of so much more – that then this allows the openness for greater healing for whole health. 

Press play to tune in to hear more about unpacking mindfully how it all works. Much Metta, Light and Reiki blessings, if wish to receive.