Ep 42: Bite size chat on consciousness, energy and light!


#42 | October 02, 2021 Bite size chat on consciousness, energy and light! 

So consciousness and energy are different. Energy and light, feel to you possibly like the same thing – usually people will say, “I felt it”. And so essentially when you use the word “energy”, you are talking about the source energy, that creates worlds that is always available to you. And oftentimes when you talk about the light, it’s more about your light or the expression of energy that you are in the world.

Consciousness is what moves energy into form. Your focused attention. You holding holographic images in your force field of consciousness is what allows the particles of infinite creation, energy to move into form, you are creator within your own creation. what is meant by consciousness moves energy into form.

You are also created within your own creation, which is why consciousness moves light into life. The light that you are – so that you can fully experience – your power to create your life, your world, your reality, while the power that creates worlds is available to you. It is the power to create your world – that is most meaningful to you.

As you hold the highest levels of consciousness and you fully allow all the energy that is yours to flow through you. There is not a finite amount of energy for each being. Everyone has access to everything… and you’ll know this. When you come into the full awareness of the God/Divine consciousness that you are.

That energy is always changing form, but it is always available to all of you and all of its fullness. Always. The light would probably be best described as your soul, your higher self, your God/Divine self. As you allow the energy that is your God/Divine self to be fully present, your consciousness and your awareness moves that light into life.

You begin to experience the grander part of you and your life and your creations are in alignment to that grander part of you, which make them so rich and deep and meaningful and abundant, extraordinary, and joyful and loving and peaceful and harmonious and magical and magnificent, for your highest good!

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