Ep 37: How does it all mindfully work:Human/Soul/Consciousness

#37 | September 20, 2021 How does it all mindfully work: Human/Soul/Consciousness

More and more people seem to be talking about uplevelling, expanding, elevating and allowing more consciousness yet how does it work in the human? 

More and more people seem to be talking about uplevelling, expanding, elevating and allowing more consciousness yet how does it work in the human? 

To find roots deep into the core physical reality, not the reality one was conditioned to believe as all there is, but reality as an unknown potential.

Conceptually one can agree that to feel to heal…yet sometimes it is more complicated than it seems for the human. 

Recently, many of my clients have been asking for me to do talks about “how does it all work?” Often in private sessions, information comes through that can bring clarity and insight into the greater understanding of the beingness of the human as well as how the Soul, Higher Self and the Team of Light, all work together in highest good.  This at times, can bring in a greater shifts of consciousness. 

Clearing dense energies in the human can be profound and transformational yet remember we are here to live in the unfolding of life. Since, I was in my 20’s I have been doing my own personal energy clearing in this lifetime with other practitioners to learn the techniques and tools, to allow my Soul to be fully embodied into the human.

Yet, it can be a process so be patient and kind to the human as you move through your own experience. I share this with all of you – because I am still evolving myself as well – I am on this human ride as well. From the learned wisdom of doing this, I understand at a profound level why energy healing can be so transformational for the human experience.

It may seem odd to hear this yet most of us are walking around not fully in the body.

There can be a lot of experiences that the soul can be influenced by that causes it to fragment outside of the body.

The multi-dimensional Soul came here to experience Light in physical form. AKA the Human. There is also an earth Soul or Spirit of the Human. They work in tandem together, along with the energy of the heart. So, don’t disregard the human – they are a team for wholeness of Light in form.

The challenge is – this 3D world that is now ascending – yet there are lower frequency energies like fear, anxiety, trauma, limited beliefs — all that if not cleared from the human, keeps the soul out.

There are many techniques to call back your Soul pieces, some can be easily done daily on your own, some are better guided by a practitioner. My preferred way is Dowsing Energy Healing. I find it the most efficient way. I usually feel the shift almost immediately.

I share this with all of you to encourage you to look at any past events to see if maybe there are unresolved trauma, dense energies – or soul/heart/human pieces ready to returned, healed, transmuted, transformed and ready to integrate for wholeness, for highest good? Be curious to dive beyond the surface of what you think is happening and be open to the possibility of so much more – that then this allows the openness for greater healing for whole health. 

Press play to tune in to hear more about unpacking mindfully how it all works. Much Metta, Light and Reiki blessings, if wish to receive. 

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