Ep 34: Virgo New Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation


#34 | September 06, 2021 Virgo New Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

New Moons always represent the start of a new lunar cycle. They are a time where energy draws inward. We can use this inward flow of energy to retreat within, to reflect, but to also think about what we wish to draw into our lives as well.

The Virgo New Moon on September 6, 2021, sends mixed waves of energy. Whenever a lunar cycle offers energy like this, it is always important to be patient with yourself and to tune in and connect with whatever feels right for you.

Under the September New Moon, we may find ourselves feeling a little all over the place, but if we can remember to use this flow of inward energy, we may find ourselves feeling more grounded and present under the opening of this new lunar cycle.

There is this sense of adventure surrounding this New Moon, but there is also a deeper energy at play too, guiding us to connect with our inner child and to think about our generational or ancestral wounds.

There is an energy on offer under this Virgo New Moon, that guides us to explore habits, beliefs, patterns, programs or attitudes we have collected from our childhood that no longer serve us.

Under this energy, we may also be called to look at wounds from our childhood and become aware of how they are manifesting in our current reality.

There is an energy that guides us to heal ancestral or generational wounds. These are the wounds that are not of this life but are inherited from both our earth family and soul family. These wounds can also be connected to the land that we choose to reside on.

For this Aquarius Full Moon Reiki Energy Cord Cutting Energy Healing Meditation you will need:

  • Pen and Paper
  • Candle

At some point during the meditation, you will be asked to write this down on your piece of paper:

First Journal Prompt: Think of a challenging, traumatic or life-changing event that happened when you were younger. Ask your younger self to share how they feel about this event. Ask your younger self what they need to heal. Ask your younger self what they need to feel nurtured, loved and cared for? Then write a letter to your younger self just after this traumatic or life-changing event occurred & with the information you just received. What would you have wanted your younger self to know? What would you have wanted your younger self to hear at that moment? 

Second Journal Prompt: Identify something you feared as a child. How did that fear make you feel? Where do you think the fear came from? Write it all down. Now, think about how those feelings continue to manifest or show up today in your life. Aim to come up with at least 3-5 examples. Note down any insights, ah-ha moments, realizations or any awareness that comes in. Lean into the energies of curiosity, loving kindness and care. 

Feel free to reflect on any thoughts and feelings that came up through this inner child work. As inner-child work can be intense, it may also be beneficial to talk it through with a professional therapist or healer.

Be gentle with yourself as you get up and remember to blow out your candle.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the Highest Good. 


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