Ep 33: September Energy Update


When I woke up on September 1, I felt a distinct energetic difference in the air.

Are you feeling it too? Change is stirring within the Earth!  Nature offers such profound wisdom for us as we journey through life. Embrace the power of change and letting go. Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and feeling the first stirrings towards Autumn… Or in the Southern Hemisphere observing the first signs of the Earth waking up and moving into Spring… 

We’re now experiencing one of those magical points of the year where Nature is seasonally rebalancing!

This is a powerful time for us to harmonize our energies with the One Divine Source flowing through All That Is! 

Pay attention and tune into Mother Earth’s wisdom of effortlessly moving through change to bring this very energy of re-balancing, ease and willingness to flow through change in your own life.

Breathe in the new levels of light and open your heart to receive the inspiration, activations and downloads available to you in the moment. 

Remember that you are deeply guided and supported always. 

It’s just about tuning into that level of awareness! 

Trust in the process, let go of any attachments as to what has been, and surrender! 

Surrendering isn’t about giving up… It is about releasing the outcome to your Higher Self, Soul, the Divine, for highest good and allowing the highest possibilities to guide and inspire you.

The energy of September is an opportunity to recalibrate, release from what may want to pull us back with an opportunity to rewrite our story. The key in the navigation is to use mindfulness strategy tools, energy healing tools, meditation, etc to recognize what is happening, allow yourself to feel it, investigate what you need to, nurture what is being called to be nourished within you and not get caught in the depth of going backwards so far that you capsize your frequency and stay in the muckity muck of dense energies. You are not your sadness. You are light in physical form. Remember that my friends. Press play to hear about the energies of the month!


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