Ep 32: Part 2 of “Are you in the habit of absorbing other people’s energy?”


#32 | August 27, 2021 Part 2 of “Are you in the habit of absorbing other people’s energy?”

Energy is the fundamental source that allows you to move through life and realize your full potential. It operates on several levels, including not just the body but also memory, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. A well-maintained energy field is an essential aspect of keeping balanced and free from disease.

Boundary Setting Tips and Tools so you can retain your boundaries and remain energized, calm, grounded, aligned and in abundance.

1. If you practice Reiki as soon as you wake up Turn on Reiki.

2. Mindfully pause and disengage energetically from what you’re doing. This can be done in taking a simple deep breath and saying a word or phrase that is helpful to you. I use the words “be present”. Anything that helps bring you into present time in your own body and separate from whatever it is that’s happening.

3. Say your name silently to yourself or if you can to out loud, to help bring you back into your own experience.

4. Be Curious and Compassionate while shifting from the head to the heart and Ask yourself: “Is this my problem or emotion?” If not, “Whose is it?

5. Mindfully label: Work to name what happened. For example, “I just walked into a tension-filled meeting.”

6. Name 5 differences between you and the other people you’re with. For example, I’m not wearing blue, I’m a female, I’m with my dog etc. This will further help you separate from the person you are merging with.

7. It is okay to walk away. Whenever possible, if your well-being feels wobbly with an individual or group, allow yourself to exist sooner than later.

8. Go to the bathroom and run water over your hands. Water can cleanse and support regrounding and realigning. If you are near the ocean or can do an Epsom bath, I highly recommend that.

9. A Love Shield. Shielding yourself can be a handy tool. You can ask for and imagine a bubble of white light (or light of any color you feel imparts protection and empowerment) around your entire body. Think of it as a shield of love that can support, protect, block and repel out nonbenficial energies and allows what is for your highest good.

10. Meditate, To really strengthen your inner bond and hold your center in any situation, I suggest a daily practice of meditation. Doing so helps you get into the habit of connecting with yourself.

Boundary setting, like anything else, gets easier with practice. Meaning it’s not a skill one can expect to perfect. Chances are you’ll get good at maintaining your boundaries in some situations and with some people and with others, well, it’s a work in progress. I will say for me, once I became attuned to Reiki, my life was made way easier yet I did use a version of all the tools when needed. I like having a belt full of optional tools to help me navigate the world in a more beneficial way.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the Highest Good.


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