Ep 31: Are you in the habit of absorbing other people’s energy?


#31 | August 27, 2021 Are you in the habit of absorbing other people’s energy?

Energy is the fundamental source that allows you to move through life and realize your full potential. It operates on several levels, including not just the body but also memory, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. A well-maintained energy field is an essential aspect of keeping balanced and free from disease.

Does being around certain people cause you to feel drained, agitated or confused? If so, it’s possible you’re losing your “energetic boundaries.” Energetic boundaries are subtle, invisible, and profoundly felt. Losing them happens when you merge with other people’s feelings and you lose your sense of self.

At some point, we all need to become responsible for our energy fields. So, here are tips on how to let go of the programming of absorbing other’s people’s energy. Remember, humans, it is a process to practice. If you have had the pattern of being a sponge out there in the world, it will take some practice to learn new way of being human out there.

What are “Energetic Boundaries?”

According to principles derived from Eastern energetic anatomy, sometimes referred to as “subtle anatomy,” there is a field of energy that surrounds all matter; living and nonliving. Briefly stated, the energy surrounding the human body is often referred to as the “human energy field.” In this worldview, there are layers of energy surrounding our bodies, with the outermost layer being less permeable than the other layers. This gives the energy field its structure and boundaries, resembling that of an eggshell.

Therefore, when we speak about energetic boundaries, we’re referring to our own energy field remaining free from “picking up” on other people’s subtle energy and having an effect on us by penetrating our personal energy field. For example, in the energetic worldview, when we say somebody is “staring daggers” at us, they’re using their intention to project their anger towards us, through their eyes. Yet if you have energetic boundaries then this wouldn’t affect you.

Here are some signs that you may have lost your boundaries:

1) When what you’re feeling is not matching your current circumstances.

2) When you become confused about a topic and merge with other people and their issues.

3) When you experience a sudden shift in emotion or sensation.

4) When you lose your certainty about a truth you firmly believe in.

Now that you have the definition of energetic boundaries and have been presented some signs that you’ve lost yours, here are some tips!

Be curious to investigate then once you’ve identified the source of the energy, set an intention or visualize it leaving, releasing, clearing by sending it “away.” Then, invoke, invite, call in the energies of love and compassion for yourself and the other people, to make the transition back into your own truth easier and without blame or judgement, for highest good. 

I want you to come here to Inspiring You and have the freedom to express where you are at, what you are in need of, hope for and open to learn about new tools and try some well-tested ones. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, there is a divine opportunity for personal growth for it is all happening for you and through you, for you highest good. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the Highest Good.


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