Ep 30: Aquarius Full Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation


#30 | August 22, 2021 Aquarius Full Moon Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

*You can do this meditation 3 days prior the Full Moon and up until 3 days after the Full Moon. 

August 22, 2021, brings the second Aquarius Full Moon of the year. Full Moons light up the night sky, illuminating all that is dark. They can be a symbol for the illumination of a higher and greater truth that allows us to find closure and free ourselves from all that is no longer necessary, for highest good. 

It is also a time to remember that all your past triumphs and successes exist as energy. They surround you and support you, and are there to be used by you under the light of the Full Moon.

Tune in to the energy under the August Full Moon and use it to clear, release, surrender, let go and to welcome the new chapter that patiently awaits, for your highest good. 

This Reiki energy healing meditation is designed to help you embrace your own inner water-bearer so you can clear cords of attachment that are no longer serving.

For this Aquarius Full Moon Reiki Energy Cord Cutting Energy Healing Meditation you will need:

  • 3 crystals (if you have them)
  • Jug/Bottle of water
  • Pen and paper

At some point during the meditation, you will be asked to write this down on your piece of paper:

Write down 1-3 cords of attachment you would like to release and let go of.

“I recognize I am attached to/holding on to __________ this cord of attachment is unhealthy for me because ________. I thank this cord of attachment for teaching me_________ yet it’s time to let it go from a place of love in my heart, for highest good. I am ready to let it go. I want to let it go. I want to be free and clear of this cord, for highest good.”

Fold up your papers and drop them into your jug of water. Now you are going to be your own water-bearer and transmute the energies of these attachments.

Then holding the jug in both hands and standing over a sink or in your yard, say the following three times. On the 3rd repetition, pour your water out, returning it to the Earth either via the sink or in your yard.  “Under the August Full Moon, I ask Reiki to cut any cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose, for highest good. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light, and positive intention be released now, for highest good. I ask that my energy field is filled with light upon the release, all the holes filled with light and my energy field is fully intact, for highest good. All for my highest good. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you.” And so it is. 


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