Ep 28: Do you feel tired? Are you experiencing Social Hangover?


#28 | August 16, 2021 Do you feel tired? Are you experiencing Social Hangover?

Often clients come to me with wanting to have their fatigue healed. They feel so tired and depleted. The first step is to figure out what is going on with their energy levels, why the possible energy leak, what is potentially causing the exhaustion and from there do an energy clearing and healing to rejuvenate, replenish and bring the system back into harmony and balance. 

Since May I have started to see a trend in some of my sessions. I thought this was an interesting topic to share and can be helpful to you if you are experiencing similar symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, and depletion.

It started with some clients in May who went on vacation with another couple.  My client came back more exhausted than when she left. She said “I am so exhausted”. I asked her if she was sleeping. She said, “I am sleeping more than ever. The kids were at camp so I was able to enjoy the time with my partner and the other couple. I did have free time to relax. So what is going on?”

After I did a scan of her energy field, I was downloaded with, “You are coming out of quarantine hibernation so in some ways your social battery isn’t as charged as it was before. You don’t have the energy to socialize as you did before you went into hibernation. You are still processing the layers of the pandemic so remember to be gentle with the human as you navigate this new moment”.

My client asked “What are you talking about? I was really excited about going to Iceland and having a break.”

I said, yes however your energy stamina for social activities may not be there yet. A car can’t go from 0 to 100 without going to 10, 20, 30, 40…so your body is like a car and has been in hibernation and been trained a certain way for months now.

So the depletion is really about experiencing a Social Hangover. A social hangover is the feeling of utter depletion a person experiences after too much socializing. Symptoms include depletion, grouchiness, exhaustion and difficulty concentrating.

Your body and mind feel heavy and slow. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You just want to close the door and be alone for a while to recover, replenish and rejuvenate your energy. When you find your energy meter dipping low, it is time to head out of the social setting and go into sweet solitude.

If you feel exhausted and drained after socializing, you may be experiencing a social hangover – research estimates that for both introverts and extroverts – social interactions that extend three hours or more can lead to post socializing fatigue and depletion of mental, emotional as well as physical energy.

Coming out of pandemic’ng learn to pace yourself socially. You are socially out of shape and don’t have the same bandwidth that you had before quarantine. So you may need more decompressing time in between events.

So to get on the road to recovery, here are some mindful tips:

1. Check in with yourself to gage your social battery. It’s about listening to what you need before over-committing yourself.

2. Watch for signs that you need a break when you are out socializing. When you notice that you went from being a light to feeling like your light just shut off. It can come in the form of not being able to focus, make jokes or make any kind of conversation or even unresponsive. Maybe it is taking a lot of effort to smile in some kind of response yet really you are unresponsive.

3. Create boundaries.It is easy to fill up our calendars because we’re so excited, yet don’t feel bad about setting up small timeframes rather than longer times of socializing.

4. When you get home from socializing, take some time to replenish yourself.

5. If you have pushed yourself and become depleted, let yourself rest and recover. Try doing one of the energy healing meditations on my podcast.


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