Ep 26: Dowsing Energy Healing to Clear Victim Archetypes


#26 | August 10, 2021 Dowsing Energy Healing to Clear Victim Archetypes

I often get asked about books that I would recommend. In this video on instagram/facebook, I shared one of the latest books that I had read. I received a lot of DMs on how helpful and how this learning helped so many people that I thought I would share the audio on the podcast. So here it is!

When I pick up #selfdevelopment books, I am not a passive reader. 

I like to think about how I can utilize information that resonates with my human from a book to support expanding my awareness, consciousness, and growth mindset. 

Before, I start reading a book, I do a Reiki Energy Healing Meditation. I turn on Reiki and set an intention, then mindfully read then do a self-dowsing energy healing session.

Mindfully Reading with intention can change your life and be transformational. Reading is the easiest way to continue the learning process, increase empathy, boost creativity, change the way we think and live. and support expanding your consciousness. 

So, I set intentions before I start reading to support my human to shift into observer self and be in an open-minded learning mindset. It’s a quick way for me to get focused and clear and support how I experience it and what I am co-creating by reading the book, for highest good.

When I am reading, I use intuition, critical thinking skills and discernment when I am digesting the info, for a I recognize another human has written the book, which means, depending on where that person is in their life, in some aspects of a book, there could be a story narrative they may be already outdated or a person can be awakened on one part of a book yet unconscious in another part even if it is a book about consciousness. Basically, I allow for the humanness, let myself enjoy learning from another’s story and see if there are any tools I can cultivate along the way. 

I like to implement, integrate, and practice with tools. So, after I read, take notes, I meditate and process the information, then I do a Dowsing with all the notes. I am going to show you how I do this. In this video, I am using Dr. Shefali’s book, A Radical Awakening. I will be taking a chapter and then doing a Dowsing Energy Healing. If you like to receive a Dowsing then set the intention for highest good! 

Btw, friends & I are having some great discussions about this book. I would love to hear your thoughts as well! Send us a message! #selfcare #bookclub

Remember, everyone has the ability to connect into their self-healer. Activating it is key to it. Learning how to shift from lower vibrational frequencies to higher – it is a process to learn, grow and master – so be patience with yourself you discover the ability to do so. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.

I want you to come here to Inspiring You and have the freedom to express where you are at, what you are in need of, hope for and open to learn about new tools and try some well-tested ones. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, there is a divine opportunity for personal growth for it is all happening for you and through you, for you highest good. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the Highest Good.


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