Ep 22: Change your Lens, Shift your Perspective


#22 | August 04, 2021 Change your Lens, Shift your Perspective 

If you want to become more aware, more awakened, more realized, more conscious – begin by letting go of judgment, blame, pointing fingers, and take a pause on the circuit you have been on, lean into energy of curiosity, change your lens of perception of how you may be viewing, put on a Mindful lens – put on a zoom mindful lens then zooming out of a situation you have been in a close-up shot in to gain a broader view from this zoom out place, allow yourself take on the observer role, then like an anthropologist, view humans (including yourself) through the viewfinder in everyday life like a drama/comedy series on tv unfolding…pull up a chair & mindfully note what programming you/they may be caught in.

Utilizing the energies of compassion, care, curiosity, growth mindset, learning, wanting to expand consciousness, interest in growing self beyond the limited point of where the human may be – use mindfulness tools to observe any programs or patterns that are being called to be released.

Take note of the stories you are telling yourself. What are your thoughts on these stories? Are these stories connected to programs and patterns in the human? Are they beneficial or are they being called to be released and cleared to shift? As you observe current storylines/programs/patterns you are in, see if you can see your past self or current self in them. See if you can connect story dots from the past to the present. See if you can witness your own patterned programs and see if there are any aha moments.

If you do congratulations, that means you are “realizing”, you are releasing unconscious to allow consciousness in, you are expanding from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. My friends, this is when it gets exciting…this is when you can clear the human, you can clear these programs, patterns, masks, archetypes, non-beneficial beliefs from the human to allow more light in & uplift & expand your awareness and consciousness.

I want you to come here to Inspiring You and have the freedom to express where you are at, what you are in need of, hope for and open to learn about new tools and try some well-tested ones. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, there is a divine opportunity for personal growth for it is all happening for you and through you, for you highest good. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the Highest Good.


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