EP 19: Releasing from Toxic Positivity and Raising Vibration


We all have a vibration or life force energy that runs through our entire body. It is this vibration that determines our overall energy, aura and the type of experiences, people and events that we attract into our lives.

Our vibration is always changing depending on our mood and the overall quality of life that we are experiencing. These daily fluctuations are normal and are unlikely to have an impact unless our vibration drops for an extended period of time.

You probably already know that the key to whole health is raising your vibrations, but did you know that different emotions have different vibrational frequencies?

When you embody a higher emotion, your vibrations will rise: if it is a lower emotion, and they will fall.

Which emotions you embody have a significant effect on your life.

Today we are going to talk about toxic positivity and how it can be a roadblock to raising your vibration.

What is Toxic Positivity?

We define toxic positivity as the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy state across all situations. The process of toxic positivity results in the denial, minimization, and invdalidation of the authentic human emotional experience.

Just like anything done in excess, when positivity is used to cover up or silence the human experience, it can become toxic. By disallowing the existence of certain feelings, we fall into a state of denial and repressed emotions. The truth is, humans are here to learn how shift vibrational frequencies from low to high and experiences all aspects of becoming a master. We get jealous, angry, resentful, and greedy. Sometimes life can just flat out not-be-so great yet that can still be happening for your human in highest good. By pretending that we are “positive vibes all day,” we deny the validity of a genuine human experience.

Signs of Toxic Positivity

Below are some common expressions and experiences of toxic positivity to help you recognize how it shows up in everyday life.

1.  Hiding/Masking your true feelings

2.  Trying to “just get on with it” by stuffing/dismissing an emotion(s)

3.  Feeling guilty for feeling what you feel

4.  Minimizing other people’s experiences with “feel good” quotes or statements

5.  Trying to give someone perspective (e.g., “it could be worse”) instead of validating their emotional experience

6. Shaming or chastising yourself or others for expressing frustration or anything other than positivity

7. Brushing off things that are bothering you with an “It is what it is.”

Alignment is your level of connectivity between you and your inner being. Alignment is being in agreement with your Authentic Self, Higher Self, your Soul, the Divine part of who you are. If you deny an aspect of the human, it can be a roadblock to raising vibration because there is suppression and repressed emotions that are stuck in human. This then can also create a possible unalignment for the human and not allow the Authentic Self to become more integrated into human experience. 

Vibration is your (magnetic) frequency. All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that seem to appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, and resonating at various frequencies. Your vibration then, is your own frequency.

Why this matters…

How YOU FEEL in any given moment impacts your vibration.

Your level of alignment is not what defines manifestation – it’s your vibration that defines your manifestation. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.


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