EP 16: July Energy Update: “Allow for a Pause/One Step Back for Two Steps Forward”


#16 | July 07, 2021 July Energy Update: “Allow for a Pause/Take One Step Back for Two Steps Forward”

With the Solstice Energy and entering July, there are energies of enthusiasm and inspiration coming in. How exciting! Let’s face it, we are all interested in getting things going and moving yet it can look differently for each of us. As we move into the next phase of post pandemic life, make sure to take some time to check in to see where you are in your processing of the past year. 

I have been hearing from a lot of my clients who are antsy and ready for things to get going yet at the same time the prospect of having fun can feel a little scary, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing. While others are having repressed thoughts and feelings like anger, grief, stress, sadness surface about the pandemic and the overall past 15 months. Some are feeling like summer is here and woohoo let’s get going! While others, have a feeling of cautious sense of normalcy and a slower approach as restrictions are lifting, restaurants opening fully and loved ones to coming back to together. As we stand on the precipice of post-quarantine life, July’s energies are encouraging us to allow for a pause or a one step back for two steps forward.

In this post pandemic, if you are ready to get going, get moving, and get productive – that is understandable – yet we will encourage you to make sure to continue utilizing the tools that in this last year you have cultivated. Take time to continue to pause, reflect, set intentions, meditate, exercise, and continue taking care of your beingness.

Because with every push forward, for the human at this time, there can also be a need to pause or even step back as well to see what hasn’t been in completion in the co-creation space. There can be resistance energies emerging to the pause or step back so check in to see where you are in the processing for the human. 

Remember, we are building new containers this month for the future and dreams of a more beneficial life and a more abundant world. This will not happen overnight, however, how you handle this month, especially the “pause” or the step back” will influence where we go from here as a collective. So, stay optimistic, clear your clutter, your past and your old containers, and allow the opportunities of what the pause or step back are offering to allow your steps forward are truly going in the most beneficial direction with ease and grace.

How the month shows up: As we move into July with the Planetary New Year on July 26th and the Lions Gate on. August 8th, the energy continues to rise and intensify. We are being asked to vibe as high as we can. It can be challenging at times yet the more you utilize tools to support the human, the easier it can be. That being said, it can still be uncomfortable at times for the human, so utilize tools and patience to support dense energy clearing – remember once dense energy releases, you will feel lighter, more at peace, more energized and possibly be up-levelled to higher vibrational frequency and consciousness.

July 9: New Moon in Cancer

July 23: Full Moon in Aquarius

I want you to come here to Inspiring You and have the freedom to express where you are at, what you are in need of, hope for and open to learn about new tools and try some well-tested ones. I want this to be a place where you can know that even in your darkest moments, there is grace and light. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, there is a divine opportunity for personal growth for it is all happening for you and through you, for you highest good. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Become the master of managing your energy. Become the Healer of your own life.

Press play and have the belief to always expect miracles for the highest good.

Have a wonderful month!

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