EP 11: Are you blocking your Connection to the Universe?


Are you blocking your Connection to the Universe? 

Light travels in straight lines and shadows are caused by something blocking light from going straight. As the story investigator, become curious about what is blocking your light and connection to the Universe. Begin to be a Master of your Light, Groundedness, Alignment and Connection. Ask where am I in this experience? Am I conscious, aware or am I in an unconscious, unrealized state?

Language shapes how a story is told and often how words are put together – they can cause a rippling effect of a trigger of inspiration and joy or of shear panic and fear. When it comes to manifesting and healing, if someone is “blocking” their connection to the Universe this can cause all systems to go into shutdown mode.

Are there Energetic Blocks of Resistance keeping you from your Good?

Often times, when things aren’t working well in our lives, we maybe blocking our connection to the Universe. The truth is that there may be energetic blocks of resistance keeping you from your good.

Think of it this way, you want answers so you call up the Universe. You are on your phone with the Universe speaking fast with some fear, maybe some sadness, anguish, maybe feeling mad and the call drops, you are so focused and committed to being in your story, to tell the Universe everything that is going on that you don’t like yet you don’t realize that all the anxiety and fear disconnected you from the Universe. You dropped a call to the Universe. You may not have realized how or when you have disconnected. The Universe is trying to call back, yet you are so caught up in the telling the story of what happened to you that you don’t even notice you have a call on the other line. Hello, the Universe is calling you back, please take a breath, pause the story and pick up the other line. Answer the call from the Universe – for indeed, Dear One, it is for your highest good. 

Centering Intention: I AM ready to accept and receive miracles beyond what I’ve ever experienced, for my highest good.