EP 9: September Intention Setting, Full Moon and Reiki Energy Healing Meditation


Let’s Welcome in September! Today, we will be doing a September Intention Setting, Full Moon and Reiki Energy Healing Meditation! Pisces is a water sign known for being dreamy, illusive, and emotional, so having the full moon’s energy filtered through its lens will heighten our intuitive senses — but that brings up the emotional intensity and the sense of chaos and confusion that we are already collectively experiencing. Issues that first manifested when the New Moon in Pisces took place, on February 23, 2020, may emerge again: we can now gain clarity and reach a deeper understanding. The full moon in Pisces brings great sensitivity and perception, can benefit from its creativity and spirituality. This aspect invites us to believe in our inherent worth and in our ability to form healthy and supportive relationships. This Full Moon will be a beacon, lighting our way, and preparing you for the closing of this ultra-transformative year. Like all transformations, it takes a breaking down and dismantling for the new to emerge. To support us with this process, use the new energies of this Full Moon as a catalyst to let go of expectations, who you thought you were, and the stories of your past. Tune in to this September Intention Setting, Pisces Full Moon and Reiki Energy Healing Meditation to tap into these powerful, beneficial energies.