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Welcome to the Inspiring You Show where we talk about tips and tools for healing, share transformational stories and offer Energy Healing Meditations


#45 | Basic Mindfulness Practice: Breath and Body

Finding a sitting position that allows you to be alert—spine erect but not stiff—and also relaxed. Closing your eyes and establishing a simple sense of presence. Then, allowing your awareness to scan through your body and, wherever possible, softening and releasing obvious areas of physical tension. You might take a few very full breaths, and…More

Ep 44: Mindfulness Meditation to support releasing Pain and Discomfort

Summary #44 | November 16, 2021 Mindfulness Meditation to support releasing Pain and Discomfort Sitting in a way that’s comfortable for you, closing your eyes, and collecting your attention with a few nice, full breaths. Taking some moments to let the attention scan the body. And just noticing if there’s any areas of particular discomfort.…More


The Art of Dowsing is an ancient shamanic practice that will develop your intuition and increase your psychic perception. Dowsing can be used to awaken your sacred perception, and integrate and embody more fully your authentic self. It is used to detect negative energy patterns, stuck negative emotions and thoughts, outdated belief systems, negative imprinting and so much more to then heal, transform and balance your emotional, mental, physical and spirituals bodies for your ultimate whole health living!  

Dowsing Energy Healing can clear obstacles and blocks that are keeping you from moving forward in your life. Through this energy work, we can address anything from stress, exhaustion, loss, grief, depression, anger, work PTSD, negative habits, can help heal present and past life traumas while clearing nonbeneficial energies or, raising vibrations which can be the keys to fully empowering your inherent skills and gifts and being able to live your best life! So, if you feel really stuck, in any kind of pain and have tried everything then this healing art form maybe for you! It is wonderful tool to do story detective work to discover the roots to what is blocking you in all aspects and areas of your life to find your way to healing and #wholehealth living!

Other added benefits can be but not limited to:

  • Alchemize your energy
  • Raise your vibration
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Attune to your abundance and prosperity
  • Increase your intuition and psychic perception
  • Connect to the spirit world and your spirit guides
  • Clear, remove and transform non-beneficial energies, patterns, beliefs, programs
  • Clear and harmonize the energy of your living space, workspace, neighborhood
  • Remove non-beneficial imprints, spirits and entities
  • Reclaim your authentic self and awaken your gifts

Dowsing can support you in balancing your inner and outer worlds. Through this work you will learn to recognize Divine in all things, including yourself. Through Dowsing, you can alchemize all things that are preventing you from living your path of love and light.

All dowsing work is done remotely and is more powerful that way.

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